Lighting Council Australia is the peak body for Australia's lighting industry. Its goal is to encourage the use of environmentally appropriate, energy efficient, quality lighting systems in an environment increasingly characterised by connected lighting, smart controls and the Internet of Things.


Lighting Council Australia:

  • strives to be a leader in the environment of connected lighting, connected buildings and intelligent infrastructure;
  • advocates the importance of energy efficient, quality, low environmental impact lighting products and systems;
  • represents the Australian lighting industry to policy-makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally;
  • influences international and Australian standards relating to the lighting industry;
  • promotes the use of electrically safe lighting that complies with relevant Australian and international standards; and encourages good lighting design, education and training



1. sparc-FMA Media Release
2. sparc-FMA Exhibition Proposal
3. sparc-FMA sponsorship Proposal
4. Lighting Control Workshop Invitation
5. Smart Street Lighting in Australia - Discussion Paper
6. LED Buyers Guide
7. Lighting Controls Introduction

8. Replacing MR16 Halogen Lamps with LEDs
9. Guide to MEPS for Incandescent Lamps
10. Guide to Choosing LEDs and LED Suppliers
11. Photoluminescent Exit Signs
12. Major revision proposed for obtrusive lighting standard AS 4282
13. Light Technical - Lighting controls and Building Code of Australia
14. Australian lighting equipment regulations
15. Light Technical - New World Customs Organization Harmonized System code for light emitting diode (LED) lamps and Australian statistical codes for LED lighting products





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