Smart Home Lighting Guide

Posted Thursday 18 January 2021

Electric light has revolutionised our world by vastly improving productivity, safety, comfort and convenience. Recent developments in smart LED lighting provide further improvements.

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Minamata Convention on Mercury – Sector-Specific Guidance

Posted Thursday 11 November 2021

The Convention aims to eliminate this source of mercury pollution by prohibiting the manufacture and trade of certain lamps containing mercury. Australia is expected to ratify the Minamata Convention by the end of 2021 and implement by March 2022.

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Creative Lighting Guide

Posted Thursday 11 February 2021

Impressive lighting enhances the beauty of buildings and maximises value. It is also functional, productive, sustainable, relaxing, interesting, and welcoming.

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Commercial Solar Lighting Guide

Posted Tuesday 14 April 2020

For providing fit-for-purpose solar lighting compliant to commercial and industry requirements. This guide is intended to assist in choosing solar lighting installations that will be fit-for-purpose and compliant with industry technical specifications and requirements.

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National Construction Code 2019 Industry Guide

Posted Friday 06 December 2019

Implementing imaginative, resourceful and welcoming lighting installations may become more of a challenge for designers and installers under the revised energy efficiency provisions (i.e. Part J6) of Volume One of the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. However, there are a number of aspects of the new Code that can be utilised to enable higher levels of lighting power to be applied in order to achieve the outcomes expected in quality architectural schemes.

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LED Buyer’s Guide

Posted Thursday 13 December 2018

Buying replacement lamps is no longer simply a matter of matching wattage. LED technology has unlocked a world of energy efficiency and new products, however consumers must be more aware of the issues concerning quality lighting to make informed decisions. This guide aims to help residential consumers choose replacement LED products when considering a range of factors.

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Choosing a Product Standard and AS/NZS 3820

Posted Thursday 23 Aug 2018

Some electrical products have Australian and international standards that outline criteria for verifying safety of these particular products. Lighting equipment often has a specific standard that should be used to demonstrate compliance with electrical safety above the basic requirements outlined in AS/NZS 3820.

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Changes to LED Lamp Regulations

Posted Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

Changes to the risk level categorisation of LED lamps means pre-market testing, marking and certification are now required to comply with electrical safety regulations. Wholesalers, retailers and electrical contractors should be aware of their obligations.

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Photoluminescent Exit Signs Not Commercially Viable

Posted Wednesday 03 July 2018

On 1 May 2014 an amendment to E4.8 of the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) was enacted permitting the use of photoluminescent (“PL”) exit signs. The use of these exit signs, which are required to be only 1/250th as bright as electrically powered exit signs, pose safety risks to building occupants in emergency situations. Due to the low light output, PL exit signs’ visibility is most heavily impacted in the presence of smoke, meaning that safe escape in the presence of fire can be significantly impaired.

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Australian Equipment Lighting Regulations

Posted Monday 01 Jan 2018

Suppliers of lighting equipment in Australia are subject to a collection of state and federal acts, regulations and standards relating to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency regulations and more.

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Regulatory Compliance Marking

Posted Monday 01 Jan 2018

This light technical explains usage of the Regulatory Compliance Marking regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic compliance.

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Upgrading from Mercury Vapour Lamps

Posted Thursday 01 Mar 2018

With the phase-out of mercury containing lamps occurring in major economies around the world, street and commercial lighting owners will be faced with the decision to upgrade entire light fittings or only replace the lamp with LED technology. This brief outlines some of the factors to consider when making this decision.

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Replacing MR16 Halogen Lamps with LEDs

Posted Thursday 04 Sep 2014

Replacing MR16 Halogen Lamps with LEDs provides guidance to users wishing to replace the common 50W or 35W MR16 dichroic lamps with LED MR16 lamps. The technical bulletin addresses compatibility issues between LED MR16 lamps and the wide range of transformers and dimmers in the Australian marketplace, provides a set of principles to follow when replacing MR16 halogen lamps with LED MR16 lamps and lists basic installation instructions. The bulletin also provides a comprehensive table comparing the characteristics of LED MR16s with MR 16 halogen lamps.

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