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Lighting Council Australia and its members are committed to responsible environmental practice. Our commitment is demonstrated through the Lighting Council of Australia Code of Conduct, which requires Members to participate in programs that encourage increased environmental responsibility.


Lighting Council Australia administers the Fluorocycle program, a product stewardship arrangement that seeks to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury-containing lamps. Fluorocycle is entirely funded through the contributions of our Members.

Signatories to the Fluorocycle scheme are businesses and organisations that make a commitment to reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment from waste mercury-containing lamps by continuously increasing the recycling of these lamps and tubes. Any Australian business can become a signatory to Fluorocycle as either a Commercial User or Facilitator signatory.

Commercial Users are businesses or organisations that have committed or are willing to commit to recycling all mercury-containing lighting equipment. For more information about Commercial signatory status, see here.

Facilitators take on a range of different roles around promoting the scheme to customers, contractors, and other relevant parties.  The category includes Government, Peak Body, Recyclers and Suppliers.  See here for more information about the different ways a Signatory can become involved.

There is no fee associated with joining or participating in the scheme, but participants should be aware that the commitments entered into under the scheme will oblige Signatories to use one of a number of approved lamp collectors or recyclers, and charges apply for those services.

Signatories to the scheme are entitled to use the Fluorcycle logo.  The logo signals to your customers, business partners and the broader community that your organisation is committed to the schemes objectives and good environmental practice.


Lighting Council Australia also manages the Exitcycle program. Exitcycle is a product stewardship arrangement modelled on Fluorocycle that aims to promote the recycling of emergency and exit lighting in Queensland through a voluntary scheme. The Exitcycle program is supported by the Queensland Government.

Signatories to the Exitcycle scheme are businesses and organisations that make a commitment to reduce the amount of toxic materials entering the environment from end-of-life emergency and exit lighting batteries by continuously increasing the recycling of these batteries. Any Australian business can become a signatory to Exitcycle as either a Commercial User or Facilitator signatory.

Signatories can either be Commercial Users, organisations that have committed to appropriately recycling the emergency and exit batteries within their facilities, or as Facilitators. Facilitators act to promote the scheme and include battery recyclers and collectors, electrical contractors, peak bodies, media, and government agencies. For more information about signatory status, see here.

The Exitcycle Stewardship Scheme is a declarative program in which signatories highlight their organisation’s commitment to protecting the environment through corporate social responsibility practices.

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