Smart Home Lighting Guide

Electric light has revolutionised our world by vastly improving productivity, safety, comfort and convenience. Recent developments in smart LED lighting provide further improvements.

LED Buyer’s Guide

Buying replacement lamps is no longer simply a matter of matching wattage. LED technology has unlocked a world of energy efficiency and new products, however consumers must be more aware of the issues concerning quality lighting to make informed decisions. This guide aims to help residential consumers choose replacement LED products when considering a range of factors.

Creative Lighting Guide

Impressive lighting enhances the beauty of buildings and maximises value. It is also functional, productive, sustainable, relaxing, interesting, and welcoming.

Commercial Solar Lighting Guide

For providing fit-for-purpose solar lighting compliant to commercial and industry requirements. This guide is intended to assist in choosing solar lighting installations that will be fit-for-purpose and compliant with industry technical specifications and requirements.