Lighting Council Australia is the peak body for Australia’s lighting industry.

Its goal is to encourage the use of environmentally appropriate, energy efficient, quality lighting systems.

Lighting Council Australia:

  • Advocates the importance of energy efficient, quality, low environmental impact lighting products and systems;
  • Represents the Australian lighting industry to policy-makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally;
  • Influences international and Australian standards relating to the lighting industry;
  • Promotes the use of electrically safe lighting that complies with relevant Australian and international standards; and
  • Encourages good lighting design, education and training.
Lighting Council Australia

Become a Member

Lighting Council Australia represents suppliers and manufacturers of lighting equipment in Australia.

Membership Benefits:

  • Acess to assistance on technical and regulatory issues in a time of significant change – MEPS, electrical safety, EMC.
  • Advance notice of regulatory and legislative change.
  • Input to discussions on matters affecting Australia’s lighting industry
lighting council membership kit
lighting council membership kit

Latest Media Release – 24 June 2024

Industry calls for LED revolution for more energy efficient Australia

As debate rages between nuclear and renewables, peak industry body the Lighting
Council Australia has said the discussion needs to include the role LED lighting can
play in making each household in the country more energy efficient.

CEO Malcolm Richards said that while Australia’s long-term energy sources are of
critical importance, it’s important that governments don’t overlook more basic
measures that affect all households.

“We’re having an important conversation surrounding nuclear and renewable energy
sources, but what we’re not paying enough attention to is how to use energy more
efficiently,” Mr Richards said.

“If the entire country moved over to LED lighting tomorrow, it would save enough energy
to power 80,000 electric vehicles.”

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